Hi. I’m Ahmed. I’ve been helping small
businesses be successful for decades.


Ahmed Reza


Also founded Dental Web Now, Call Sumo, Review Ninja, Trephub

When I was a teenager working at a small business, I remember how difficult it was to take calls and run the business and bring in more customers. With that insight from my first job, I started Dental Web Now, and then Call Sumo with the goal of taking the stress out of being a small business owner.

My team and I have been talking to small businesses about how they use social media to bring in new customers and manage their brands. We asked. We listened. And we empathized with their pain points. With Yobi, our goal is to streamline your social media efforts so you can spend more time doing making your small business awesome.

Meet The Yobi Team

Sherif Tariq

UX Architect

Ahmed Reza

CEO & Geek

Naheed Vora


We’re a team of seasoned professionals with a strong foundation acquired from 50 years of combined experience in the technology and entrepreneurship space. Our complimentary skillsets have built a robust business servicing our client’s needs, while anticipating and planning for their future needs.

Our Advisors

Ed Zuckerberg
Dr. Edward Zuckerberg

Thought Leader

Keith Donald


Derek Konigsberg


Aniq Rahman


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